Welcome to my Street

The BoulevardAnthony Trueheart, Springfield, VA, Film

Springfield has been my home since 1997. It’s safe to say I did most of my ‘growing up’ on this very street. Over the years I’ve seen numerous families come & go and watched as the neighborhood has changed, yet also kind of stayed the same.

I’ve been attending school here ever since the 3rd grade at my previous, previous, previous, previous Alma Mater, West Springfield Elementary School.

Rising through the educational ranks of WSES, to my current status of 2 years post-college graduation, has been a growing process to say the least.

It is on this street where I received my first pair of skates. It was on this street where I used a video camera for the 1st time. This street was the birthplace of countless ‘firsts’ and even several ‘lasts’, but for as long as I can remember, it’s always been the same old Greeley.