Interview – Brookings Institution

Amidst a busy morning of editing for various deadlines, I hurried over to the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C. to shoot a more formal, sit-down interview.


Traveling through trails

Death Valley National Park, NV / April 2014

This is just about the moment in which I realized why they film so many movies here. Death Valley has some truly breathtaking views, and the imagerythroughout it is full of life, despite the name.Anthony Trueheart, Death Valley, Hiking
Anthony Trueheart, Death Valley, Hiking
This trip was an eye opening one to say the least; it was this trip in particular that lead me to really begin contemplating the move away from my hometown and trying something new out west for awhile. As a producer with Greenspring’s Channel 6, my team & I traveled to the 2014 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) conference in Las Vegas for a week. While there, we did plenty of sightseeing, exploring and venturing off, after conference hours. Death Valley was one of the highlights for me.

Anthony Trueheart, Death Valley, Hiking

Anthony Trueheart, Death Valley, Hiking

As my work-trip came to a close, I said my goodbyes to my team, split & flew to LA, having previously arranged to visit family out West.
I then spent a full week in Los Angeles, traveling anywhere & everywhere possible, visiting numerous parks, eating great food and witnessing countless incredible sights. The days flew by & I came back east with a new mindset, wanting to travel more, seize opportunities, and appreciate more of what the Earth’s got to offer us. It’s called Death Valley, but it definitely brought some new life into my outlook.